GO-PRIMUS is an online merchandising initiative operated by MyCommunity Capital Sdn Bhd, a social enterprise under MySkills Foundation. MySkills Foundation is a not for profit organisation established since year 2011 to transform and skill youth at risk population in Malaysian community. More information on MySkills (www.myskills.org.my).

This e-commerce venture is aimed towards establishing sustainable revenue stream via consumer goods targeting on retail sector. The categories of products ranges from Health Supplements & Personal Care, Household Goods, Electrical & Electronics and Furniture & Home Deco.

Profits generated from this venture will assist MySkills to self-sustain in the long run by reducing dependency of revenue from grants/donations sources. Social enterprising is the key solution to Non Profits like MySkills to upscale and sustain its reach-out towards critical needs of youth transformation initiatives across the nation.
Buying Our Quality Products for Social Impact is just one STEP away from your valued support!